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The 84 kos of brij bhoomi starting from kosi to Agra, Aligarh to Bharat pur is considered to be the nitya dhaam of sri krishna. The purans make a mention that even during mahapralye this portion of the land on the earth does not drown. This part of the earth may look ordinary, but the fact it is even more dear to Krishna than vaikunth, saket or Golok. It is a replica of Golok.Even today the brij leela continous here although we cannot see it. Only pure hearted people can witness this leela in Vrindavan. Every year there is a particular time when arrangements are made and devotees visit all the important places of brij. The most imprtant places are vrindavan, Mathura, Gokul, nand gaon, Barsana, Goverdhan and Baldev. The important temples, vana’s, kunds, hills, ghats all are in the parikarma of brij 84 kos yatra.



Keshighat—The ghat where krishna had killed, the demon keshi who was sent by the king of Mathura kanms, the maternal uncle of krishna who eager to kill krishna.
Sri cheer ghat--- This was the place where the gopi’s were bathing during the month of kartik to please katianidevi. While they were bathing, krishna stole their clothes.He wanted them to know that they should not bath naked in the river,as it is against the principles of our shastra’s.
Sri bhramar ghat---On this ghat there are many branches of flowers due to which one finds a lot of bumble bees here and it is named bhramar ghat.
Dhir sameer ghat--- Calm winds blow in this ghat.It seems the yamuna river wants to serve the divine couple, hence the wind blowing on this ghat is very soothing as well as full of lovely scent.Jaidev in his famous poetry geet govind has described this enchanting ghat where Radha Krishna have performed their kel pastimes. It is believed that Jaidev could visualise Radha govind engrossed in their keli le…


Vrindavan so van nahi, gokul jaiso gaaon, Radhe jaisi gopi nahi sri krishna jaiso naam. Some 60 years ago Vrindavan was a very deep forest. There were many wild animals also. In vrindavan itself there were quite a number of vana’s but 12 of them are very significant for some leela or the other of radha krishna.
1. NIDHI VAN-----This is near Sri Radharaman and shahj’s temple. This is the place from where Banke Bihari made his appearance. It was the main bhajan sthali of sriharidasji. Now w can have darshan of his samaadhi.also. No one can stay here in the night bcause even today the raas leela of radha krishna continues here.One great devotee of Radha Bihariji used to sweep this plce and he found Radhaji’s nupur here.
2Nikunjvan----- This van is also known as seva kunj. It is located near Radha Damodar temple. In the sevakunj there is a remple of Radha krishna. It is believed that even today the leels are performed by the duo here and no one can stay there in the late hours of night.


SRI BANKE BIHARI--- This is the most popular temple of Vrindavan. The chhaviof Bihariji is very attractive. Any person who has darshan of this jhanki even once, becomes his. His eyes are very big and shining, see it from any direction, it will seem they are looking at you. The ever smiing face and the most unique shringaar, a mixture of radhaji as well as Krishnaji gives so much joy to all the devotees who watch him without blinking.

Swam Sri Haridasji the guru of Tansen the famous musician of the court of emporor Akbar, was the incarnation of Lalita sakhi, who was the most intimate sakhi of Bihari, Bihariniji in the nitya leela. Swamiji used to go in a deep cave like kunj every day and when he came out of it he ould prostrate before it many times.His disciples were curious to know where and why guru ji went there. One day swamiji made a jestre to his devotees to follo him. Inside the kunj the devotees were astonished to see Bihariji and Bihariniji siting on a beautiful throne decorate…


RAMAN RETI---When the gopi’s had come to meet Krishna near the yamuna vanshivat, they became proud that they have been blessed by Krishna. Krishna can never bear his bhakts becoming proud so he disappeared from the raman reti. The gopi’ realised their fooly and repented, now they became so engrossed in Krishna bhakti and ask the trees, the creepers,the bushes and even animals, insects and any one if they ad seen their dear Krishna.

VANSHI VAT-----Kanha used to play his flute here. The gopi’s used to come running here leaving all their household duties such as preparing food for the family, looking after children and elderly members of the faminly. On reaching vanshivat they were stunned to see the moon spreading its light rays all over making the place most blissful and enchanting.

SRI GOPESHWAR MAHADEV-----When Krishna appeared in the dwapur yuga,Siva who was in deep meditation in his abode at Mt Kailash suddenly saw that his ishta has come to Vrindavan.He too wanted to experience the …


SRI KRISHNA JANAM BHOOMI---- Mathura is blessed by sri Krishna because it is his birth place. The jail in which Kamsa had locked his sister and brotherin law Vasudev is still intact.This is th exact place where Sri Krishna was born.On Krishna janamashtmi this place is crowed to witness the abhishekam of Bal Gopal. There is a temple of sri Hanumanji as well as Shiva and maa Durga near the janam bhoomi.

SRI MATHURADHISH MANDIR----This temple is in between sribhuteshwar Mahadevji’s temple andKrishna janambhoomi.The deities are magificant. Any person ho has darshan of this deity becomes free from the bondage of death and birth cycle.

SRI BHUTESHWAR MAHADEV MANDIR---- There is a shiva lingam in this temple. Nearby there is also a temple of sri Paataal devi.It is called the dwaraarpaal of Mathura. 84 kos yatra begins from here.

SRI DAWARKA DHEESH TEMPLE---- This temple is near sri Assighat. Thakurji’s pooja is done in accordance to pushti marg.The architecture of the temple is very beautiful.I…


There are five important vanas in Mathura. Each has a story of Krishna with these vana’s.They as as follows:-

MADHU VAN----- This vana is very attractive and the vibrations are like those of a tapo bhumi. This is the place where Dhruv ,a five year old child had done penance to have darshan of Vishnu, because he was hurt by his step mother’s remarks that he would have had access to sit on maharaj uttanpada’s lap only if he had been born from her womb. This is the place where Krishna had killed Madhuketab demon. Krishna used love comig to this place with his cowherd friends and cows. While the cows grazed, krishna used to play in this vana with the gaala’s and have food with them.

TAAL VANA-----This van was full of juicy fruits.The gawalas told Krishna,that he wanted to eat some fruits which had spread their fragrance all over the place. Kamsa wanted to get krishna killed so he sent Dhenukasur who had come in the form of an ass However Balramji caught his two legs at the back and threw …


Gokul is also located on the banks of river yamuna. When Vasudevji was instructed by Vishnu ji to take the baby Krishna to Gokul and replace him with the newly born daughter of Yashoda and Nandji the yamuna was overflooded due to the rainy monsoon season in the month oh Bhadra.However inspite of such adverse conditions Vasudevji brought Krishna to Nand baba’s mahal in Gokul and took the baby girl who was the incarnation of mahamaya. In the morning every one thought that Yashoda has given birth to a baby boy. Here he was greeted by is brother Balram who had been transfered into the womb of his father’s first wife shrimati Rohinidevi from Devaki womb. We know about seregated mothers today. Maybe in those days such a system existed in a different way .Both the brothers grew up together in Gokul in Nand baba’s resident because Nand baba was a great friend of Vasudevji. The couple had lost all hopes of bearing a when Krishna was born they were overjoyed and took utmost care of him…


There are no apprpriate words to describe the beauty of Sri Giri rajji maharaj whois Krishna himself. The brijvassi’s use to take their cows for grazing on this lovely hill which is situated on the northern part of brij 84 kos bhumi. The brijvassi’s used to worship Inder te rain god so that there is sufficient rainfall which the brijvassi’s wanted for their land so that their domestic animals could be fed as well as for agriculture. Krishna had realised that Inder was becoming too arrogant and proud and wanted to teach him a lesson so he intsigated his father who was one the chief of the brij mandal and convinced the brij vassi’s that intead of appeasing Inder , they should do pooja of Giriraj where who was giving green grass and other vegetation to the brijvassi’s for sustaining their cattel as ell as their livlihood.The briavassi’s agreed to Krishna since they had seen his power of killing so many demons who came to kill him.
When Inder came to now that the brijvassi’s have changed …


This small village is located in thewestof goverdhan was ruled by Sri brishbhanu maharaj who was a friend of Nand baba, the foster father of sri krishna. When Nand baba got disturbed due to attempts of killing Krishna in Gokul, Vrishbhan ji offered him to come and settle down on the nandi hill where the rakshas’s were banned from entrying due to a curse.
This village is located on the Brahamahill.Many temples, sarovars and kunds in this place
are worth visting. Some of the important places have been described as under.

Sri Radha Krishna temple----- It is situated on the exact place which was the main mahal of king vrish bhabnuji. The deitiesare small in size but once a person climbes the stairsand reaches the main temple,he ceases to forget the huff and puff of climbin so many stair up the hill. It is believed that Radhji her self had requested Shyam sundar ji to be with her in her father’s kingdom. Krishna agreed and today the devotees have the darshn of the yugal pair in this most anci…


KOSIKALAN----One day Yashoda wanted to go for chaar dhaam yatra.Krishna told her that mayeea you are above80 years and itwill be very tough for you to go to these places so I will bring all the dhaams here in brij. Yashoda ji was very happy at this proposal, The yatra started from kosi from where he showed her dwarka dhaam. The popular temples worth seeing in kosi are gomti kund, vishaakha kund, maya kund, sri radha madhav mandir, sri radha kant mandir, sri luxmi naryan mandir, sri Radha valabha mandir,and Dau ji’s mandir.

KOTVAN----Krishna had played holiin this placewith his friends. There is a very ancient tmple of Hanman ji as well as sri mahadevji.

CHARAN PAHAARI--------There is a smaal hill near bettain where krishna was playing with his sakha’s. He played his flute and the the hill started melting. The marks of foot prints of krishna, his sakha’s, cows etc can be seen even today.

CHOUMUHHAA-------This a the place where Krishna and his bal sakha’s were having their mid day meal whe…